Graceful Passages

One lives in the hope of becoming a memory” – Antonio Porchia

I am sorry for your loss. My hope is to soothe you and your family and friends through a peaceful transition. We’ll work together to celebrate the life of your departed, acknowledging the sadness while holding up the gratitude for the precious days you shared.

The spirit of life – the wonder of life – is often overlooked. Remembering the fragility of our days awakens us to the truth that in every moment we are dying to something, and ultimately we, and everyone we know, will leave this world entirely.

To enfold the process of dying in the embrace of living is a challenge that faces us all. I will support and lead you through a moment that brings beauty and dignity to your loved ones ending. Your ceremony will honor sacred traditions, while leaving room for the mystery beyond our journey.

I collaborate with funeral directors, cemetery or internment coordinators, other clergy, and reception planners.

Transition services honoring a variety of faith traditions include:

• funerals
• memorials
• end-of-life remembrances
• pet memorial services

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