Ceremonies of love, remembrance and celebration

Lauren and Sean

We loved how Sandra incorporated our family into the ceremony!

Same Sex Marriage

Our ceremony was perfect for us!

Bellmare Child Dedication

We still marvel how Sandra kept calm with our crew!

Ellen and Dave

Sandra provided a balance of love and humor into our service

Flowers and coffin

Through it all we were comforted

Congratulations! As your officiant my role is to provide a personal, professional and worry-free experience. Whether you are being wed to the love of your life, blessing the arrival of a new child, or saying goodbye to a loved one, I collaborate with you to create a precious moment, a moment filled with meaning and with wonder at this journey we share.

Our desire to connect with each other and with the power we call life is a universal experience. Whether your life is steeped in a particular religious tradition, whether you are unsure or unclear about God,  or you draw your joy and solace from humanity, I will work with you to personalize the moment.

I have over 20 years’ experience leading public and private ceremonies, creating worship services and rituals, teaching and leading classes, workshops and conferences, working with families, and advocating for inclusivity and dignity in marriage and relationships.

Contact me by email: spiritoflifeceremonies@gmail.com or by calling 603.498.2639.  Visit my Facebook page!